Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting married? They were going to get engaged in Venice

The reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is one of the hottest topics in the world’s media. A couple that was once referred to as “Bennifer” had the opportunity to prepare for the wedding once before, but the ceremony did not take place. After many years apart, the paparazzi began seeing their former partners together again, and they themselves soon after confirmed that old love does not rust. The reborn feeling of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck quickly gained momentum. Recently, an actor was caught picking out engagement rings. Now the couple are planning a wedding again.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting ready for the wedding?

Foreign press reports that Ben Affleck has already proposed to Jennifer Lopez. Everything was supposed to happen in Venice at a film festival where they made their public debut again as a couple. The lovers did not spare their tenderness on the red carpet.

“Maybe because Ben proposed on the water, maybe because he was protecting Jen in Venice, but they both fell in love with the idea of ​​getting married there. Venice is almost indecently romantic. They have a lot of extended family and friends who will expect an invitation. so if the party is too big, they will consider many chateau estates in the area “ – said the informant of one of the color magazines.

Their adolescent children, who have accepted their parents’ love, are to help the couple prepare for the wedding. Emma, ​​the daughter of J. Lo, and Violet and Seraphine, the daughter of Ben Affleck, are to be actively involved in choosing wedding stylizations.

Girls love to watch Ben and Jen blush as they start asking for wedding dates and oaths. Emma has even put together a private album of dress ideas for her mum in Pinterest style. This time there will be no cancellations the day before!“- adds the source of the magazine.

Everything looks like she will soon be witnessing the hottest wedding in Hollywood. We keep our fingers crossed for “Bennifer” and we hope that their love will only grow.

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