Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially together? They planned to come out on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s renewed relationship is perhaps the most surprising relationship in show business this year. After J. Lo broke up with Alex Rodriguez, no one expected that she would immediately fall into the arms of her fiancée from twenty years ago … but it turns out that the couple planned to disclose their relationship in person. However, they were overtaken by the paparazzi.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck do not come off the front pages of gossip sites after recently being watched regularly together. Although the couple does not officially comment on their renewed relationship, subsequent photos posted by the paparazzi leave no doubt as to the nature of their relationship at the moment. This is one of the most surprising relationships in show business in recent years – J. Lo and Ben Affleck were a couple already … twenty years ago!

Why did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break up? We recall their history

The fact that just a few weeks after Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split up, the star became involved in a relationship with her ex arouses great interest from fans who wonder how long the relationship has actually been renewed. The surprising relationship between the singer and the actor will not leave the headlines for a long time.

>> Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck kissed in public! That’s for sure – they are a couple!

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially together?

Now it turns out that the constant presence of paparazzi does not have to worry Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. According to the American media, the couple planned to personally show off their relationship on Instagram, but they were overtaken by gossip sites.

He was staying at her house in April, and she planned to announce that they were back together on Instagram. In her case, it’s all about timing.

– reports a friend of the couple.

It is easy to imagine that such a post Jennifer Lopez would trigger a gigantic traffic on her Instagram and hundreds of articles in the media around the world. However, since the couple’s relationship has already been announced by the paparazzi, the singer will probably wait a little longer with the first joint photo with the old-new beloved.

Did you expect them to get back together again?

Jennifer Lopez stretches while Ben Affleck smokes. Matched pair?

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