Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony got married 17 years ago! Do you remember that wedding?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in 2008
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For the past two years, Jennifer Lopez has been busy planning her wedding with Alex Rodriguez. Love, however, did not survive, so still her last formal relationship was with Marc Anthony. If the couple were together, they would celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary today. Do you remember what it was like? Time to reminisce a little.

When on June 5, 2004 Jennifer Lopez she was getting married to a salsa artist Marc Anthony, she had already had two unsuccessful marriages. It seemed, therefore, that this time the star certainly hit the one – and indeed, for the next few years, the musicians had the status of a real power couple in the global show business. In 2008, the singer gave birth to the twins of the couple, Emma and Max.

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At that time Jennifer Lopez she was at her absolute pinnacle. In 2002, the star released an album This Is Me … Thenon which the hit was placed Jenny From The Block. Recently, the track has been very loud again – all thanks to it Ben Affleckwho starred in the clip back then and Jen has been romancing again for several weeks. However, almost 20 years ago, she broke her engagement with him, and some time later became a wife Marc Anthony

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Jennifer Lopez got married for the third time … 17 years ago

If Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony they were still together, today they would be celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary. The couple got married during a small ceremony in the garden of the singer’s Los Angeles mansion. About 40 guests were playing under a white tent set up in the garden, and the paparazzi did their best to capture the young couple that day. Interestingly, the wedding took place less than a week after Anthony officially divorced his former wife, Dayonara Torres.

The couple did not want to talk about their wedding for a long time. Asked about him shortly after the ceremony Marc Anthony he did not want to comment on the event saying it was his private affair.

Until recently it seemed that Jennifer Lopez years later, she dreamed of a completely different ceremony. Wedding with Alex Rodriguez was supposed to be a huge social event, and the couple put it off due to restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, the wedding did not take place.

Maybe then Ben Affleck turns out to be the only one?

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