Jennifer Lopez caught in Ben Affleck’s flannel shirt! There are photos. Bennifer’s Return Official?

For weeks, the media around the world has been writing about the alleged romance of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Former fiancées have been caught by paparazzi on joint trips to the city more than once, and several Hollywood stars have managed to talk publicly and confirm their return. The latest photos, where the singer was caught in a men’s shirt, only fuel the imagination of the fans.

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J.Lo’s last engagement party looked like this:

Jennifer Lopez Caught Wearing Ben Affleck’s Flannel Shirt! There are photos. Bennifer’s return official?

The 51-year-old singer was noticed by paparazzi on June 10. Jennifer Lopez landed at the Los Angeles airport. The star of the day was wearing a white short top, loose tracksuits and a men’s checkered flannel shirt. But wait a minute … We know this shirt very well! Ben Affleck was wearing it on May 14 when he took his son Samuel to a swimming lesson. Just look.

Internet users support them a lot, which they let know in large numbers via social media. They are waiting impatiently for confirmation from the interested parties themselves.

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Everything indicates that it may be a serious relationship. Foreign media recently reported that the two are already planning a wedding. The couple was already engaged in 2002-2004. Ben Aflleck gave his beloved a six-carat pink ring worth $ 1.5 million. We are curious to see if any of them are still in possession of the jewelery, and if the engagement does happen, will Affleck manage to outplay the expensive engagement gift. Do you keep your fingers crossed for this relationship?

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