Jennifer Lopez changed her hairstyle. The new cut rejuvenated the star by several years. How does it look now?

Jennifer Lopez surprised everyone again. This time it’s not about her heart issues or new music. The American showed a hairstyle that is currently making a sensation on the Internet and is inspired by previous decades.

Although Jennifer Lopez has been talked about most recently in the context of the engagement and rumors about the relationship with Ben Affleck, it is not the only news about this celebrity. The American media can’t brag about JLo’s new hairstyle. Interestingly, the change is not drastic, but it did make her look a good 10 years younger! Lopez opted for a hairstyle that is now a hit on social networks.

Jennifer Lopez changed her hairstyle. The new cut rejuvenated the star by several years

The star loves to experiment with her appearance, and especially with her hairstyle. Her stylist Chris Appleton comes up with a new look for her every few weeks. Sometimes they are attachments or a retro hair flip, other times a fashionable shoulder-length bob. This time, Jennifer Lopez did not decide to shorten her curls only for bangs, but more precisely on the famous “curtain bangs”, which are adored by French or Scandinavian influencers. This trend refers to the 60s and 70s and was launched by the legendary Brigitte Bardot at that time. Longer strands left on the sides, creating a delicate fringe-curtain, will gently emphasize the zygomatic bones and optically subtract a few years. Thanks to one cut, we have contouring and anti-aging effect in one. As you can see in the photos, Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example of this:

Alexa Chung and Priyanka Chopra are also fans of this hairstyle. And although some people wonder if it’s not a wig, one thing is certain – Jennifer Lopez looks great again and no one would give her 51 years!

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