Jennifer Lopez diet: the singer has one weakness – this is the snack

Jennifer Lopez has a beautiful, shapely body. The singer uses a diet to maintain them. There is, however, a sweet snack that he cannot give up.

Jennifer Lopez works hard on her figurewhat can be seen with the naked eye. Although the Latin singer turned 52 this year, she still enjoys an impeccable figure and delights her fans in every styling – even in a bikini. She emphasized many times that physical activity is important to her. Jennifer loves to dance, but she doesn’t forget about it either a diet that is the basis of a beautiful figure. And although the artist tries to eat healthy and carefully selects the products she reaches for, it also has a slight weakness – it is a sweet snack that he cannot give up.

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Jennifer Lopez has one weakness – it’s that snack

Each of us has some weaknesses that are difficult for us to eliminate on a diet. For one they are salty snacks, for another they are chocolate. Jennifer Lopez has yet another product that she cannot imagine her life without.

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The singer, as befits a woman, loves sweets. From time to time, he reaches for cookies with chocolate, but they are not a product that he cannot deny himself.

It turns out that Jennifer Lopez can’t give up … donuts. It is these fried sweets made of yeast dough that are her greatest weakness. Portal reports that Jennifer uses them mainly after exhausting performances.

This can have its pros and cons. During her performances, Jennifer loses a large amount of calories, which she then supplements with a high-energy meal. It must be admitted, however, that donuts are not healthy snacks. Fortunately, Jennifer uses them occasionally.

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Jennifer Lopez Diet

Though he allows himself sweets from time to time, Jennifer Lopez tries to keep track of her diet. informs that the singer uses only organic products on a daily basis. Its menu is based on the perfect combination of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Every day he also tries to drink a minimum of 7 glasses of water.

But that’s not all. There are also ingredients that JLo eliminates from his diet. Thus, he avoids caffeine and carrots, which are vegetables with a high sugar content.

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