Jennifer Lopez has a new hairstyle that takes years away! It’s a hit

Jennifer Lopez is beaming. It is not known whether it is the merit of a new partner or a new haircut? One thing is certain, the singer, who is 52 years old, looks like a teenager in the photos. How does she do it?

First, she is not afraid to experiment. JLo rejects the sentence “At this age it doesn’t fall out” and that is why her look is fresh and inspiring for other women regardless of age. Take a look at the hairstyle. How to make it? Let’s start with a parting in the middle.

Then touch the temples with your fingers. If you found these points, place your thumbs on them and slide them backwards, collecting your hair in a ponytail. This naturally defined line will make the forehead skin tighter and the eyes will slightly rise up, creating the so-called cat’s look.

An elastic band is important, it should hold the hair well, otherwise the hairstyle will fall apart after a dozen or so minutes. If you want a romantic style, just wave the strands on the sides and use hair jewelry to fasten it at the back. We can stay with a ponytail or wear a delicate bun, both versions look good. It all depends on the style, occasion and our preferences.

Coming back to the image of Jennifer Lopez, what else gets your attention? The complexion and makeup look great, and the tan is the perfect background. Pay attention to one more detail. The color of the styling. JLo does not avoid neon lights. Reason? Clothing in these colors reflects light and thus reduces the age and emphasizes the eye color beautifully. Take this into account when looking for a shirt, dress or accessories. Sometimes a shawl added to the outfit can make a big difference! Don’t be afraid of contrasts.

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