Jennifer Lopez has removed all photos with Alex Rodriguez from her Instagram. The relationship with Ben Affleck is gaining momentum

Jennifer Lopez begins a new phase in her life. The artist removed her ex-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, from the group of followers on Instagram.

J. Lo observers noticed that on Saturday (August 14), Alex Rodriguez, the artist’s ex-fiancé, disappeared from the accounts followed by the star. Lopez not only stopped following him, but also deleted all photos and videos featuring the Yankees star. Does this mean that the relationship with Ben Affleck is going in a serious direction?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially together. The star showed a hot photo on Instagram that leaves no doubts >>>

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been a couple since 2017. These two had a lot in common, incl. Latino roots or children from previous relationships they raised together. The couple got engaged after two years while on vacation in the Bahamas. The lovers planned to get married in mid-2020, but the pandemic thwarted their plans, causing them to postpone the ceremony several times.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez still together though? The couple issued a joint statement >>>

There had been rumors for a long time that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were struggling with relationship problems. In April, the couple broke off the engagement, which they jointly announced on the popular TV show Today. A month later, rumors circulated that Ben Affleck had reappeared after more than two decades in J. Lo’s life. This is a real proof that the proverbial old love does not rust …

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split up. The couple confirmed this information in the TV show >>>

Fans of the 52-year-old artist noted that Alex Rodriguez’s ex-fiancé had been erased from J. Lo’s life – at least on Instagram. Lopez has removed all photos and videos that Rodriguez appeared in, indicating that the star’s relationship with Ben Affleck continues to grow.

What does Rodriguez himself think about how Lopez works? At the moment, the baseball player is still following the ex-sweetheart and has not removed any joint profile pictures.

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