Jennifer Lopez has stopped following Alex on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up four months ago. From this, the singer meets with Ben Affleck. The star decided once and for all to get rid of the former fiancé from her life. Not only did she stop following him on social media. What else did she do?

Jennifer Lopez she definitely can’t live without a man. The singer has several unsuccessful marriages and high-profile media romances to her credit. In 2017, when she became involved with Alex Rodriguez it seemed as if she had finally found the one. They eagerly appeared with the athlete at subsequent industry events and did not spare themselves tender gestures. They looked very happy. When the singer accepted the engagement ring from her beloved in 2019, the fans waited for their grand wedding. The brides’ plans were interrupted by a pandemic, and everything began to translate over time. Already at the beginning of the year, the first rumors of a crisis in their relationship began to appear.

Although the interested parties themselves did not refer to the information provided by the tabloids for a long time, after some time they issued an official statement about their separation. Within a few days, J. Lo was already in the arms of her ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez got Alex out of her life once and for all. What did she do?

Jennifer and Ben Affleck met several years ago when they were both at the beginning of their careers. The singer and actor aroused great interest in the color press and were one of the hottest couples in show business. They were engaged, and the wedding date was set for September 12, 2003. Only moments before the ceremony they canceled everything, and a few months later they were no longer together.

This year their feeling has been revived. For several months, the tabloids published successive photos taken by the paparazzi. Recordings from restaurants, where they did not spare their tenderness, or photos from common walks, were released to the network. Only on her 52nd birthday, the singer officially confirmed that she and the actor are together and posted a photo of their passionate kiss on Instagram.

Jennifer also decided to get Alex Rodriguez out of her life once and for all. The star, four months after the breakup, stopped following the former fiancé on Instagram and removed all joint photos from the network. This is definitely a real blow to the athlete who is still watching Jennifer and has not decided to remove the frames they pose together. in our gallery we remind you of their joint photos.

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