Jennifer Lopez in “Marry Me”. He will play alongside Maluma and Owen Wilson!

Male-female relationships in life J. Lo are full of unexpected twists and, although there are many indications that privately, the actress finally found happiness in connection with Ben Affleck, with whom she broke up after several years of separation, the characters she plays on the screen still experience love dilemmas.

This will also be the case in the new one romantic comedy “Marry me”, wherein Jennifer Lopez will perform together with Owen Wilson and Maluma.

Fim “Marry me”, that is “Marry me” is a story about the artist’s relationship Kat Valdezwhose role she will play Jennifer Lopez with two completely different men – the singer Bastian (takes on him Malum) and divorced math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson).

Angle is to marry Bastianwith whom he sings hit “Marry me”on stage, but after he finds out about his betrayal, he decides to spontaneously marry a random person from the audience and it turns out to be Charlie.

Will this couple manage to form a happy relationship? Or maybe played by Jennifer Lopez Kat, however, decides to return to the unfaithful Bastian?

If the plans do not change, movie “Marry me” directed by Kat Coiro will have his own premiere in United States February 11, 2022.

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