Jennifer Lopez in skimpy outfits on the beach. The 51-year-old boldly displays her charms! [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Jennifer Lopez knows what her fans like best! The 51-year-old artist has been enjoying enormous popularity for many years, and loyal fans follow the activities of their favorite with unflagging interest. Recently, a few shots appeared on the singer’s instagram profile, on which the singer presents herself insanely!

Jennifer Lopez warms up Internet users on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez made her debut in show business over three decades ago. Since then, she has participated in dozens of various projects – from performances through concerts, films, to photo sessions and promotions of her own clothing lines or cosmetics. “Entangled”, “The Mother-in-Law Way”, “Selena”, “Maid in Manhattan”, “Say Yes” – these are just a few productions in which the artist presented her acting talent. The world-famous singer does not close her activities in one field, and over the years she has proven that she can handle a wide variety of tasks.

Jennifer Lopez naked in the bathtub. She was compared to … Grinch

Jennifer Lopez posted a photo straight from the bathtub on the web. Kadr amused her fans exceptionally. All because of the singer’s unusual appearance. J.Lo reminded them of the animated hero.

J. Lo for many fans she has become a real icon and role model. The 51-year-old can boast of a huge group of fans from all over the worldwho follow the activities of their favorite with interest. Recently, beach shots appeared in the Jennifer Lopez instagram gallery, which is followed by over 162 million Internet users. The skimpy styling emphasizes the slender figure and charms of the artist. See for yourself!

Jennifer Lopez on the beach

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