Jennifer Lopez in the Dolce & Gabbana ball gown. Gondola session

Jennifer Lopez took part in a photo session that was made on a Venetian gondola. She poses in a beautiful ball gown. The photos are breathtaking.

Recently Jennifer Lopez appeared in Venice. She flew to the aforementioned city in company Ben Affleck. Years ago, the couple formed one of the hottest relationships in show business. Their relationship did not stand the test of time. They separated in 2004, shortly before the planned wedding.

The actors are an example that old love does not rust. When Lopez parted ways earlier this year Alex Rodriguez, in a short time, the color press circulated the information that her heart was busy. Affleck stole them again. Although the interested parties themselves were silent on this subject, after some time they decided to confirm the rumors circulating.

From then on, they do not hide their feelings between them. They recently appeared together in Venice, where they came to a film festival. Paparazzi caught them, among others while they were moving in the water taxi. They did not spare their tenderness (see them here).

Then it’s time to make your red carpet debut. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck appeared at the premiere of the film The last duel and enchanted the invited guests. The singer reached for a beautiful white dress with a deep neckline. Her lover chose a well-fitting tuxedo. In front of the photojournalists’ lenses they posed holding hands. There were also other romantic gestures.

Jennifer Lopez in a dress Dolce & Gabbana poses on a gondola

It seems that Jennifer Lopez in Venice not only appeared with her beloved at the premiere of the film, but also took part in a photo shoot, the effects of which appeared on the network.

The singer posed on a gondola. She was wearing a beautiful brand ball gown Dolce & Gabbana. It is a strapless creation with a printed image of the Venetian canals, tied at the waist with a thin black belt. Lopez, though she let her hair down, tied her bangs back. Thanks to this, she exposed her forehead and exposed professionally made makeup.

Internet users did not pass by the entry indifferently. In the comments, they compliment the star’s appearance:

  • You look great in this outfit. I can not stop looking.
  • You present yourself wonderfully. This dress is a bull’s eye.
  • I can’t believe you are so pretty.

It’s hard to disagree with these entries. Jennifer Lopez looks stunning.

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