Jennifer Lopez in the most fashionable hairstyle. Optically rejuvenates and acts like a facelift, takes 30 seconds

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Jennifer Lopez washed off her makeup in front of her fans

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most popular women in show business. The singer can boast a really impressive group of fans, because on Instagram alone, JLo is followed by over 151 million users. What’s more, Jennifer Lopez is considered one of the most attractive stars who, despite the passage of time, constantly impresses with her talent, beauty and phenomenal physical condition. It cannot be denied that Jennifer Lopez is a great inspiration for many women who like to observe the styling, make-up or hairstyles worn by the artist. Very often, when JLo puts on certain clothes or shows off in the chosen hair styling, these trends become absolute hits.

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Jennifer Lopez in the most fashionable hairstyle of recent seasons. Optically rejuvenates!

Jennifer Lopez is definitely one of those celebrities who loves to experiment with her image, and especially with her hairstyles. It constantly changes their length, surprising with more and more fashionable cuts. Recently, Jennifer Lopez shared a photo on her instagram profile, in which she poses in one of the most fashionable hairstyles of the year. Of course, I am talking about a smoothly combed and high-up pony. This is a real hit that slims the face and emphasizes features. In addition, it optically reduces age and acts as a facelift, emphasizing the cheekbones.





You always look gorgeous

That hair! <3

– we read in the comments.

Jennifer Lopez pictured without retouching.  What does her face really look like?  'Nobody's Perfect' (illustrative photo)Jennifer Lopez pictured without retouching. What does her face really look like? “Nobody is perfect”

How to make a pony in the style of Jennifer Lopez? The basic version takes 30 seconds

Although the Jennifer Lopez pony certainly took more time for stylists, in the basic version you can easily make it in half a minute. To make it, you will need a brush, eraser and hairspray. Brush the hair thoroughly and brush it smoothly in a high ponytail. Then tie your hair tightly with a rubber band, and finally sprinkle with varnish, smoothing out any protruding hairs. If you have more time, you can twist the hair that forms a ponytail into a thick curling iron and gently fluff it with your fingers – then you will get the effect of Jennifer Lopez.

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