Jennifer Lopez is the Queen TikToka! You’ve seen her best videos?


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Author: TikToik/JLo

It would seem that TikTok is a “toy” for the younger generation (and maybe even President Andrzej Duda). Meanwhile, for us the Queen of this application is 50-year-old Jennifer Lopez! It clips sexy, funny, rozczulające and intriguing! Did you see what she doing on this profile?!

Tik Tok this is a relatively new application. Although he was created in just 3.5 years ago, in 2018, there were 500 million users worldwide. Because it Internet users from 150 countries-up to 75 languages.

One of the new users TikToka is known to be the President of the Polish Andrzej Duda. Lee compares popular Jennifer Lopez, which has 7 million subscribers?

Jennifer Lopez Queen TikToka

Jennifer Lopez account TikToku has for more than a year, but only recently zstala more active on this website. For example, recently uchyliła the veil of secrecy if we are talking about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

OK Jennifer Lopez probably not napopularniejsza tiktokerką, but her profile on the site really should track! It’s sexy, fun, touching and just interesting! What else can a man?!

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