Jennifer Lopez missed the haircut this time. This is what she looks like in the worst arranged hair in her career. Fans: Grinch

Jennifer Lopez has been an icon for years. Ever since she made her big-screen debut in 1997 as Selena and was nominated for a Golden Globe, she has been constantly working on her career. The star will turn 52 on July 24, but has not changed much since her first roles. She still shines like “The Maid in Manhattan” and charms fans all over the world with her charm.

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Jennifer Lopez in the most fashionable hairstyle of 2021

Her profile on Instagram is watched by over 153 million people. The star shares her beauty tricks, styling and training ideas with them. It’s no secret that her appearance is not only due to her genes. However, when she posted a photo with an unusual hairstyle, she surprised fans.

Jennifer Lopez in the most fashionable hairstyle.  Optically rejuvenates and acts as a facelift, takes 30 seconds (illustrative photo)Jennifer Lopez in the most fashionable hairstyle. Optically rejuvenates and takes 30 seconds

Jennifer Lopez missed with the haircut

Jennifer Lopez has gained fans not only with her charm, but also with her distance to herself and her sense of humor. She proved it by publishing a photo directly from the bathtub. She decorated her Sunday beauty rituals with a humorous accent. She combed all her hair upwards, creating a hairstyle reminiscent of a movie troll. Although it does not look favorable in it, she amused her observers.

Such a mood

– she signed the photo.

Fans immediately compared her with cartoon characters.


Alfalafa style


– commented.

Jennifer Lopez poses in one photo with her mother and daughterJennifer Lopez poses with her mother and daughter. 75-year-old Guadalupe Rodriguez looks like the singer’s sister. “Three Generations of Queens”

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