Jennifer Lopez opens up about the beef with Shakira: ‘Worst idea in the world’

In excerpts from the documentary Halftime (Netflix), which will be released next Tuesday, June 14, Jennifer Lopez appears making complaints about his show with the Colombian.

“This is the worst idea in the world to have two people in the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world”, says the bride of Ben Affleck in the documentary. “We have six damn minutes. We have 30 seconds of each song, and if we take a minute, that’s it, we have five left. But, there have to be certain singing moments. We have to sing our message.” Jennifer to director Kim Burse.

Despite what the beauty’s words indicate, she and Shakira are not enemies. According to the businessman JenniferBenny Medina, she felt she could handle the headlines on her own.

“It was an insult to think that you needed two Latinas to do the work that an artist has historically done,” Medina said. “Usually you have a headliner at a Super Bowl. That headliner builds a show, and if they choose to have other guests, it’s their choice.” JLo.

In another part of the documentary – which will tell the story of Lopez – she appears talking to Shakira over the phone and making complaints about the stage time allotted to the concert together.

“If it was a double title, they should have given us 20 minutes. That’s what they should have done.”

the ex wife of Gerard Pique agreed, in part, with JLo. “I know the Super Bowl people want us to be entwined all the time. But there was no confirmation on how many minutes I will have,” he said. Shakira.

“They said 12 minutes. I was told off-line that we could have one or two extra minutes, so we can count on 13 or 14 minutes. I think, Shakira, what we have to have is half of that for each of us. If it’s going to be two headliners, they should have given us both 20 minutes. That’s what they should have done.” JLo.


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