Jennifer Lopez radically changes her look and puts on an old-school hairstyle

“It’s me now.” It is with this sentence – in reference to the title of her next album – that Jennifer Lopez formalized her new haircut on her Instagram account. She, who just days ago revealed an impeccably smooth backbrush, now displays tapered lengths and long, thick and straight bangs. A radical change that has won him much acclaim. Result ? Nearly 10 lakh likes in a few days. It’s also the J-Lo effect. It must be said that this hairstyle is not a throwback to the 2010s. At that time, divas of the moment like Rihanna, Nelly Furtado or Lady Gaga opted for straight fringes and thick. Too soon, teenage girls around the world have their foreheads hidden behind a veil of hair. And then, like all trends, the straight fringe was brought back into the ranks of old beauty statements. A tapered version, the iconic curtain fringe, the capillary signature of r’n’b stars wasn’t talked about for many seasons. But it was without relying on Jennifer Lopez who intended to give him back the letters of his nobility. Further story, then.

Straight bangs in summer: good or bad idea?

Jennifer Lopez asked you to make an appointment with your hairdresser? Worse, you’ve armed yourself with your scissors and you’ll soon be doing the irreparable. leave early! Indeed, according to the pros, the perfect summer fringe is a pair that doesn’t work. The reason is of course the heat. Conclusion: For the summer season let us let our forehead breathe.

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