Jennifer Lopez recalls “scary episodes” of panic attacks she suffered from exhaustion and calls for mental health care – Observer

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Jennifer Lopez told her followers details about her long struggle with mental health which led her to change habits that she now considers unhealthy when she was still “in her twenties”. The rant was made in your newsletter On the JLo, where he admits that he didn’t know how to deal with the problems he had, nor could he understand what was going on with his health.

i thought i was invincible”, revealed J.Lo, explaining that, at that time, he slept three to five hours a day, spent all day at the set and was in the studio all night. And, as if that wasn’t enough, on weekends I recorded video clips.

“I was paralyzed. I couldn’t see clearly, the physical symptoms started to scare me and the fear made everything worse, ”explained the singer and actress about the episode where she collapsed sitting in her caravan, totally affected by lack of sleep and accumulated stress.

With the constant body signals, according to People, J.Lo started to respect her limits when she started to feel “blocked” instead of normal. “I now know it was a classic panic attack from exhaustion, but I had never heard of this concept at the time,” she confessed in the newsletter that you email to your subscribers.

At a medical appointment, after a new panic attack, she even asked if she might be going crazy. The doctor replied emphatically: “No, you’re not crazy…you just need to sleep seven to nine hours a night, avoid caffeine and keep up the physical exercise if you want to maintain that rhythm of work”.

The “Scary” Episodes resulted from prioritizing work over health, letting his career become “the center of everything”. “I realized how serious it can be to ignore the needs of the body and mind”, underlined J.Lo.

The little self-care was accentuated at the time when he was releasing his first album, on the 6and which includes the hits “Let’s Get Loud” and “One More Night”.

At the same time, Lopez took her first steps in her acting career when she appeared in the 1997 film “Selena”, where she played the Texan singer, Selena Quintanilla – a character that earned her a Golden Globe nomination. That year, she also married actor Ojani Noa, a relationship that lasted a year.

Ben Affleck’s now-fiancée reinforces that now “your philosophy of life is pro-life rather than anti-aging”, being your routine much more balanced, healthy and with a good rest. J.Lo’s beauty secret: have a good night’s sleep. The singer humorously explains that “when she wakes up she looks ten years younger”.

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