Jennifer Lopez revealed her secret for a perfect figure

52-year-old Jennifer Lopez impresses with her form and athletic body. What is the secret of the star? The singer replied in “Hello Magazine”. In addition, she also revealed what her daily skin care looks like.

Jennifer Lopez reveals beauty and form secrets

Jennifer Lopez has achieved her position and star status through hard work and persistence. An artist who at the beginning of her career was so poor that she was homeless, built a real empire and became a brand in itself. Many people wonder why it owes its athletic figure and form. In an interview with Hello Magazine, she explained that regular training is the key to her success. The singer said that she does not miss any class, even when she is tired after a day’s work.

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I am 100% convinced that I owe my sense of happiness to the fact that I move, that I dance. Dance it has always been an important part of my life, and I love working on my body. So why shouldn’t I do something that’s right for me? “- the star asked.

In addition to exercise, the artist took care of a healthy and balanced diet – she avoids sugar and caffeine, and eats mainly organic products. The artist added that she now feels better than ever in her life.

Jennifer Lopez daily care

Through social media, the famous J.Lo began to share the methods for a perfect complexion and the care tips that she uses herself. On Instagram, she published a video in which she shared her morning routine using products from her own line of J.Lo Beauty care.

“This is my real bathroom. This is what it looks like every day. This is how we do it,” she said.

Lopez showed step by step how she uses skincare products – from cleansing gel cream, glow serum, sunscreen to supplements.

Below you will find a photo gallery of Jennifer Lopez.

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