Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret of her beauty. He uses a product that most of us have in the kitchen

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer and dancer who impresses not only with her great talent, but also with beauty. Some time ago, the artist revealed how she cares for her skin.

The beauty secrets of celebrities is a subject that invariably arouses great interest. It is no wonder whatsoever. Everyone wants to know the beauty secrets of their idol. And although celebrities usually use expensive products from luxury brands, sometimes they also use cheaper cosmetics. One of these celebrities is Jennifer Lopez, whose favorite body product can be bought … in a regular grocery store.

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Celebrity Beauty Secrets: Jennifer Lopez’s Way to Beautiful Skin

Jennifer Lopez has been delighting her with her beauty and youthful appearance for years. It’s hard to believe that she will be 52 this year. Many people are of the opinion that the star uses botox on a regular basis. The artist, however, denies these rumors and claims that she is much more interested in her a natural approach to care. And although the star certainly has many cosmetics from luxury brands on her dressing table, she admits that she also uses cheaper products.

It turns out that Jennifer Lopez’s beauty secret is olive oil, which you can buy practically in every grocery store for only a dozen or so zlotys. The artist uses it for skin care. Thanks to this, her body is always smooth and properly moisturized.

Jennifer Lopez revealed the secret of her beauty

In addition to olive oil, Jennifer Lopez also uses sunscreen daily. In this way, it protects its skin against the harmful effects of sunlight, and thus delays the aging process.

I was in my twenties and I was dating a certain guy. We went to various dermatologists. Mine gave me a great cleanser and a sunscreen cream and said: “If you start using it now, it will be great” – revealed J.Lo.

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