Jennifer Lopez reveals that she was a fan of Menudo

Jennifer Lopez recently told in an interview who her past idols were, when she still had no idea that she would become a superstar of music and acting. The singer confessed that she was a fervent admirer and fan of the Menudo group, in their first compositions.

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In conversation with ex-Menudo Johnny Lozada, the Diva from the Bronx, made the revelation that she was a card-carrying fan of him and of the first teenage boy band in Latin America.

J-Lo revealed some ‘crazy things’ that he did as a fan, and said he was one of those who stayed at the door of hotels waiting to see their idols.

“I was outside the hotel when you were at Menudo. Yes there it was. I was like, I don’t know, 11 years old”, confessed the singer to Lozada’s astonishment.

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“I was outside the Doral hotel, don’t think I wasn’t there. I was there”, she commented, justifying that she was dying for an autograph from him.

Johnny Lozada, who in addition to being a singer and actor, is also a presenter, replied: “Were you really there? Why didn’t this sort of thing happen to me back then? I loved you so much and now I love you more.”, he stated emotionally.


if well Jennifer Lopez wanted to preserve the engagement ring he got from his ex, Alex Rodriguezthe current fiance Ben Affleck wanted her to return the jewelry. But it’s worth remembering that the ring Ben proposed to J-Lo with is definitely five times more expensive than the A-Rod ring.

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According to this week’s Globe magazine, Ben Affleck managed to completely overshadow Jennifer’s ex-fiancé, as Alex paid $1.8 million for his jewelry, while the actor shelled out nearly $10 million for the jewelry, made from a rare green diamond.

Lopez has been engaged six times. There are six different rings, and according to the tabloid, Rodriguez’s ring was actually on the more affordable side.

When Affleck first proposed to her in 2002, the engagement ring he gave her, a pink diamond, was estimated to be worth $2.5 million.

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