Jennifer Lopez settles accounts with Alex Rodriguez. “We are better as friends”

Scrupulous cleaning of the past Jennifer Lopez with presence Alex Rodriguez was noticed by the artist’s fans. It was they who noticed that the artist’s photos had been “thinned”. The ones in which J. Lo posed with the former athlete did not pass the careful selection. And the best example of this were the photos of the couple at the inauguration of the US president, Joe Bidenon which the couple were present.

Today, from the photos posted on the Intagram of Jennifer Lopez, it could be concluded that the artist was alone there. The icing on the cake was the information that the artist stopped following the profile of her recent partner.

Meanwhile, the 46-year-old New York Yankees star doesn’t seem bothered by the “removal” from Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram life. On the contrary – he seems to be having fun with the Kevin Costner while recreating a scene from a cult movie from 1989 “Field of Dreams” (“Field of Dreams).

Alex Rodriguez was one of several former and current players who attended a special event in Dyersville, Iowa – the location where the 1989 movie was filmed. According to the American media, he called the meeting with the 66-year-old actor a dream come true.

The somewhat ostentatious behavior of his ex-partner did not cause an analogous reaction in him. His instagram profile still has photos of Jennifer Lopez, which give the impression of a happy couple. As if he was the only one who believed what they both wrote in the official statement about the end of their relationship. “We are better as friends” – they said on March 13, informing about their separation.


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