Jennifer Lopez showed up without a gram of makeup. How does it look like? The video surprised the fans

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most popular women in show business, boasting millions of female fans around the world. What’s more, JLo is also considered one of the most attractive stars, who continues to delight over the years. Looking at Jennifer Lopez’s stage performances, as well as her photos and videos that she publishes on Instagram, you can say that time has stopped for her. To the delight of her fans and fans, JLo is very active on her Instagram profile, where she regularly shares selected moments from her life. Some time ago, Jennifer Lopez presented an evening ritual on her profile, during which she washed off the makeup in front of fans, and now it’s time for the morning routine.

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Jennifer Lopez showed up without a gram of makeup. What does the star look like in the morning?

Jennifer Lopez decided to show Instagram observers her morning beauty routine, which she performed with her line cosmetics J. Lo Beauty. In the video, we see a star completely without makeup, who shows step by step what products she uses step by step. Many comments appeared under the post, and Internet users and Internet users are surprised by the great condition of Jennifer Lopez’s skin:

You have a perfect complexion even without makeup. Wow!

She is awesome

How beautiful and delightful in a natural version

Natural beauty

You are so beautiful and you look so young

– we read.

Watch the video
Jennifer Lopez without makeup showed her morning routine

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As Jennifer Lopez herself admits, the secret to the great condition of her skin is proper care, which she cared for many years before creating her own cosmetics. The star revealed that she has been using olive oil since she was 22 years old, as well as a suitable sunscreen. – I’ve never had botox. I’m not that type of person. I don’t mind people who do it, but it’s not for me. I’m more interested in a natural approach to skincare, JLo said in an interview.

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