Jennifer Lopez used aesthetic medicine? A well-known plastic surgeon has no doubts

Dr. Julian De Silva is a recognized plastic surgeon who has spoken about the beauty of public figures many times. Using the golden mean method, he created lists of the most attractive women, men and members of royal families (Princess Diana took the first place). At one time, Jennifer Lopez and her appearance also took a closer look. He even decided to “age” her photo.

Jennifer Lopez in the eyes of Dr. Julian De Silva

Jennifer is one of the world’s most recognizable singers. Fans have been delighted with its appearance for a long time – radiant complexion or a figure worked out during exercises. In July this year, the artist will turn 52 and, according to some people, her beauty could be envied by more than one younger star. There are different opinions as to whether it is due to good genes and good care, or aesthetic medicine.

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Julia De Silva also decided to express his opinion on this subject. During an interview with the Daily Mail, he was tempted to say that Lopez’s face hadn’t changed over the years.

There are practically no signs of aging that are characteristic of middle-aged women. There are no crow’s feet and no wrinkles from laughter or lip wrinkles, no bags under the eyes. You can only see very delicate wrinkles near the nose. The shape of Lopez’s face did not change, the plastic surgeon calculated.

This would be due to the use of the knowledge and skills of specialists in aesthetic medicine, although the singer has denied this over the years. She explained then that she was not against treatments, but she had never used botox herself. To prove his thesis, Dr. Julian De Silva decided to run a simulation. Published with a collage of two photos. One of them showed a young Lopez, the other was “aged” by a surgeon.

According to him, this is what Lopez would look like if she were an “average” person.

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