Jennifer Lopez was one of the most viral of the year that she loved the babies because she had to appear more high

Natalia Arroyo

That The bottle has been stamped for excellence in 2023 are completely indisputable. We see it without having to include accessories, shoes and clothing. But if you want to elect a viral piece – except for pants and jackets, it’s clear –, we want to know los monos.

There is time to pass, such as Mango or Stradivarius hicieron that one of our monos turns into the most famous piece of your collection, but during this last few months, han tenido más trough que nunca.

Borreguito shelter

One of the claves of the possession of this mono denim es, sin duda, lo bien que se ajusta y estiliza el cuerpo. Pero from ahora, Tampoco lo vamos a los de vista es su versión más oversized, that’s just the way to go where it’s going to be Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez con mono vaquero GTRES

The singer has been captured by the cameras during her walk in Los Angeles with a light look lost the joy of the corona is, without duda, it is mono vaquero ancho, holgado y, por consiguiente, comodísimo.

Jennifer Lopez con mono vaqueroGTRES

Furthermore, this item is a perfect aliado in the wardrobe of the chic clothes, it still has it incorporated into its fabric a semi-circumference at the height of the height, a visual effect is created with the stones appearing longer. Please note that the figure is real.

At the weight of the corta manga, this type of monos, al se oversized, we allow you to take a debajo that our cold protection; as if it were shirts or point jerseys.

Look with bailarinas

Jennifer Lopez con mono vaqueroGTRES

Y as a calzado, This is the case we don’t have to worry about with Jennifer Lopez, these pieces It is also very easy to combine, Yes, from some basic shoes to some cowboy boots that already have perfect options. Yes, this is the great windfall of the vaqueras: it is absolutely everything.

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