Jennifer Lopez’s selfie without makeup removed when getting out of bed divides Internet users

Photo posted on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account on Monday August 28, 2023. Instagram/@jlo

The singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram live from her bed early in the morning. Her face, still made up from the day before, sparked strong reactions from her subscribers in the comments.

Jennifer Lopez says hello to her 251 million Instagram followers from her bedroom. “Hello and happy Monday!
It’s going to be a great week! A little #MondayMotivation,” she wrote on the social network this Monday, August 28, 2023. Her message accompanied a selfie that the actress took when she woke up in her bed. She appears in a nightie, with barely tousled hair and a relaxed look staring at the camera.

Photo posted on Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram account on Monday August 28, 2023. Instagram/@jlo

Divided reactions

In the comments under J.Lo’s post, many of her fans praised her beauty, calling the star “magnificent”, “superb” or even “sublime”. But some Internet users also questioned the authenticity of her “jumping out of bed” look. “I wish I could wake up one morning and wear all this makeup”, “You wake up like this?”, “You didn’t take off your makeup”, “She shouldn’t remove the makeup from her face from the day before , it’s not a good thing”, “You look beautiful… but you always have makeup on your eyes”, “You sleep with makeup on, it’s not good”, “Someone slept with her eye makeup,” Internet users shout at her. Indeed, the 54-year-old singer still seems to have remnants of black pencil under her eyes and mascara on her eyelashes. Simple negligence or premeditated staging?

The stars reveal themselves without makeup

This is not the first time that Jennifer Lopez has aroused skepticism from her subscribers on Instagram regarding her image. A few weeks ago, Ben Affleck’s wife posted a video of herself on the platform, in which she showed herself without makeup on camera and claimed to use “neither retouching nor filters.” Images that divided his subscribers in the comments, calling his sincerity into question.

In video: “Zero filter. 100% me.” Jennifer Lopez appears without makeup on Instagram

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