Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer) unrecognizable, she totally changes her look

Jennifer Love Hewitt in the 911 series.

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Star of the series Ghost Whisperer And 9-1-1, Jennifer Love Hewitt recently made a drastic makeover. The actress passed through the hands of a reputable hairstylist and shared a video revealing the details of her physical transformation. Judge instead.

After Nina Dobrev a few weeks ago or even Zendaya, it’s another series star who decided to opt for a new look (for a new life): Jennifer Love Hewitt. The actress, who rose to fame through her role in The Life of Fivehas radically changed hair style and showed the result on social networks.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is changing, and Internet users do not recognize her

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is currently starring in the series 9-1-1thus swapped her long wavy blonde hair for an auburn bob. For this, she called on the hairdresser of the stars Nikki Leewhich counts among its clients Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff or Emma Roberts.

The details of the star’s hair transformation Ghost Whisperer were revealed in a video posted on the respective Instagram accounts of Nikki Lee and Jennifer Love Hewitt. And the reactions of the fans were not long in coming“Where’s Jennifer?” It doesn’t look like him at all.” can we then read in the comments, or “Wow…She doesn’t look like herself at all anymore”.

As you can see, many Internet users did not even recognize Jennifer Love Hewitt following her change of look. It must be said that the actress has always accustomed viewers to her more or less long hair, whether brown, blond or chestnut.

© InstagramJennifer Love Hewitt

What if, behind this capillary metamorphosis, was hiding a real life change for the actress ? In a story published by the actress, she wrote a sentence that says it all: “When a woman wants to change her life. She’s cutting her hair”.

So make way for the new Jennifer Love Hewitt…

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