Jeremias Rodriguez bursts out against Carmen Di Pietro and Alessandro Iannoni, chaos live!

Jeremias Rodriguez ends up at the center of the controversy for his strong statements at L’Isola dei Famosi against Carmen Di Pietro and her son Alessandro.

Jeremias Rodriguez ended up at the center of the controversy for the behavior assumed towards Carmen Di Pietro and Alessandro Iannoni. Over the last directin fact, the castaway is back the attack on the mother-child couple causing the reaction of many, including that ofcolumnist Vladimir Luxuria.

Jeremias Rodriguez’s attack on Carmen Di Pietro and Alessandro at L’Isola dei Famosi

Carmen and Alessandro ended up in the sights of the castaways of L’Isola dei Famosi. Of all, however, the one who showed himself really intolerant was Jeremias that, during the last episode of Canale 5 reality show hosted by Ilary Blasidid not miss the opportunity to criticize and harshly attack the mother-child pair accusing them of not serving the group and complaining all the time.

The strong statements by the young Rodriguez, however, they were not at all liked by those present in the studio. To defend Carmen and her son Alessandro from offenses and heavy accusations made by Belen’s brotherbut also from the other competitors, theLuxuria columnist:

The public decides whether Alessandro and Carmen have to stay there, when everyone goes against a single couple the one who is attacked by everyone is much more sympathetic, the most dangerous are those who are silent, who say nothing and plot to shoulders.

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Supported by the shipwrecked Laura Maddaloni and Clemente Russo, who are also tired of the behavior of Carmen, Jeremias tried to defend himself from Vladimir’s criticism and clarify once and for all his position towards the showgirl:

It’s a survival reality show, not a reality show to complain about […] You broke up (addressing Carmen Russo ed). We came to this reality show to survive, no one spoke with aggression. What if I said we don’t want them on the island? I don’t remember this but I think it is, you are selfish.

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