Jerzy Wójcik fired Gazeta Wyborcza Agora management board

According to our unofficial findings the notice was delivered to Jerzy Wójcik on Tuesday afternoon. We obtained information from several independent sources in the editorial office. One of the sources told us that Wójcik was released under disciplinary procedure.

The employees of “Gazeta Wyborcza” were informed that the editor-in-chief of “GW” Adam Michnik had been informed about the dismissal of Wójcik. “We’re in shock,” one of the people told us.

We have not been able to contact Jerzy Wójcik yet.

– We can only confirm that the employment contract with the current publishing director of “Gazeta Wyborcza” has been terminated today. The reason and the mode of termination of cooperation with the publishing director is a matter between the publisher as an employer and an employee – Nina Graboś, Corporate Communications Director at Agora, told – For legal reasons, this is the only thing we can say in this matter – she emphasized.

A dispute between Gazeta Wyborcza and Agora’s management board

On June 9, Agora’s Management Board announced that it intends to merge the company’s press segment (including mainly Gazeta Wyborcza and and’s division into one business area “pursuing the common goal of increasing digital subscriptions and advertising revenues from all areas of Agora’s websites. “. The company is beginning to review its strategic options for internet business. In an email to employees, the management explains the movement as a “conflict of business models” and “internal competition”.

At the same time, the announcement of the dismissal of Jerzy Wójcik and the liquidation of a separate position of the publisher of “Gazeta Wyborcza”,

The chiefs of the title and some journalists protested against the planned merger and dismissal of Jerzy Wójcik. 321 people signed the letter of journalists. The management sent a proposal to the management board to reset the relationship. He added that he wanted this connection, but not made “out of the blue” and behind his back.

Agora’s management board replied that it was “amazed and concerned” at what was being done to “deepen the divisions” within the company. The management took the title of the board’s words as a threat and declared that it would not cooperate with Agnieszka Sadowska, a board member, who in their opinion “secretly prepared an integration plan”.

One of Agora’s owners, Agora Holding, in a letter to employees, emphasized that it wanted to be a “guarantor of both sides’ security” of the and integration process. The management of also took the floor, opposing the “narrative of colleagues from Gazeta Wyborcza” and expressing amazement at “attempts to influence the composition of the Management Board of Agora SA and the desire to overcome the compromise proposed at the beginning”.

The Editorial Board of Gazeta Wyborcza stated that the merger of and could not take place “to the detriment of both editorial teams”, ie with layoffs. The Council supported the postulates of the main title, incl. reset of relations with Agora’s management board.

The idea of ​​spinning off “Gazeta Wyborcza” into a separate company has been suspended

In August, during the presentation of the company’s results for the second quarter of this year. it was emphasized that it was not possible for the spin-off of Gazeta Wyborcza to be a subsidiary to change the ownership structure. Jerzy Wójcik, the publisher of Gazeta Wyborcza, is still an employee of the company – confirmed the management board.

– The process (integration of divisions in Agora) is only just started, it will probably take about two months – said Anna Kryńska-Godlewska, member of Agora’s management board. And she added that it concerns “only the feasibility study” of the spin-off. – We have to check whether it is technically feasible. This only applies to the separation of “Gazeta Wyborcza” within our structures. The company will remain the property of Agora. It is not possible for the spin-off to change the ownership structure of such a company, she emphasized.

Last Friday, Agora’s president, Bartosz Hojka, announced that work on spinning off “Gazeta Wyborcza” to a separate subsidiary was suspended.

At the beginning of October, selected materials of Gazeta Wyborcza were no longer published on and on external websites under license agreements. – The subscription model requires emphasizing the uniqueness of the brand maintained by the community gathered around it. We have to take special care of our content, created for you, we cannot distract our journalistic work – explained Jarosław Kurski and Jerzy Wójcik, deputy editor-in-chief of “GW”.

Jerzy Wójcik in “Gazeta Wyborcza” for 28 years

Jerzy Wójcik assumed the position of publisher in Gazeta Wyborcza in the fall of 2016. He was responsible, inter alia, for the financial results of “GW” and the implementation of its strategic goals, he managed the work of sales teams, support, marketing and promotion departments as well as editorial staff, as well as local branches of “GW”.

Jerzy Wójcik started working in “GW” in 1993. He established a branch of the daily in Zielona Góra and Gorzów. Then he was the deputy editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Stołeczna”, the founder and first editor-in-chief of “Metro” and the editor-in-chief of “Nowy Dzień”, a daily newspaper published by Agora in 2005/06. From 2006, he headed the “Welcome to Poland” department. such projects as Przystanek Europa, “Przystanek Polska” and “Wysokie Obcasy Extra”.

At the beginning of 2011, Wójcik became one of the deputy editor-in-chief of “GW”, replacing Piotr Pacewicz.

Agora’s management board wanted to disciplinarily fire the head of “Solidarity”

In October last year Agora’s management board intended to disciplinarily dismiss Wojciech Orliński, a journalist from “Gazeta Wyborcza” and the head of the NSZZ “Solidarność” company. The reason was supposed to be “the abuse of the function held in the trade union, as well as the abuse of the social partner’s social trust and undermining the partnership and social dialogue” by distributing “offensive and excluding comments” to members of the union in the newsletter at Ewa Zając, the new director of employee affairs.

The unionists protested. In defense of Orliński, a protest letter was also prepared, signed by almost a hundred journalists, columnists, directors, people of culture and politicians. Agora finally withdrew from the intention to dismiss him and agreed with Orliński on the principles of cooperation with the management board.

Finally, Wojciech Orliński in February this year. informed that after 24 years of work he was saying goodbye to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, he decided to work as a teacher. – I was inspired by Jerzy Sosnowski, expelled from the Trójka for union activities. He won in court – a trade unionist cannot lose such a lawsuit unless he misses the deadline – but he has not returned to the air. He became a teacher – Orliński explained.

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