Jessica Alba criticizes Marvel films for lack of diversity

Several years have now passed since Jessica Alba’s last appearance in a cinecomic, but the well-known actress has reserved vitriolic words towards Marvel films, criticizing their lack of diversity. According to him, in fact, there are still too many white and Caucasian actors to have leading roles.

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Jessica Alba Criticizes Marvel Movies: ‘Still Too White’

Interviewed on the microphones of Glamor UK, Jessica Alba said:

Even if you look at the Marvel movies, which are the big engine of the fantasy genre and what’s happening in entertainment right now, everything is still pretty Caucasian. I’d say I was one of the few at epic… And that was before Marvel was sold to Disney, but essentially not much has changed.

The actress went on to add that she hopes to see stories on the big screen that allow young people to reflect where they are. Jessica Alba, born in California to a Mexican-born father and a half-Danish, half-French-Canadian mother, played Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman in the Fantastic 4 film by Foxreleased in 2005, and in the sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer, released in 2007. There are no plans for him to return to the Marvel world since the franchise will be rebooted (the new film will be released on November 8, 2024 and will be part of the Phase 5 of the MCU)

Over the years the Marvel Cinematic Universe has significantly changed course with respect to Jessica Alba’s statements, making diversity one of its strengths: from Black Panther to Shang-Chi up to Sam Wilson as the new Captain America and recently Ms Marvel, the first superheroine of the Islamic faith to be the protagonist of a comic entirely dedicated to her, with her TV series on Disney Plus.

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