Jessica Alba’s light summer makeup using the dot technique

“I know I look like ‘cray‘ (translates to ‘a little scary’), but I really think Chloe Morello
just pioneered a new level of light, quick and easy makeup that gives me a great, very natural dewy effect.”

To write it on her Instagram page complete with tutorials is the actress Jessica Alba who shows
to her followers a light make-up for the face in summer which might appear complex, but in reality, once you understand how to apply the products, it turns out to be surprisingly quick and easy. To do this, she was inspired by the technique of Chloe Morello, the famous Australian beauty guru who, tired of applying so many layers of product to obtain good contouring, thought it well to reduce all the steps to a single layers.

In addition to saving time, less product is used and the make-up will be lighter and more suitable
even in the hot temperatures of these days.

First step, fill with colored dots

As you can see in the tutorial, Jessica Alba does her make-up with her fingers, applying all the cream products with her fingertips (sticks are also fine if they are soft and easily blendable) on the key points of the face with a technique inspired by pointillism.
Concealer and light foundation – the lightest dots – in the areas that need to be corrected and uniformed such as the forehead, nose, dark circles, chin and Cupid’s bow.
Blushes rosy on the cheeks to create the famous healthy glow effect and bring out the cheekbones.
Bronzers in the areas to be shaded: the sides of the forehead near the hairline, the two
areas just below the cheekbone to refine the contours, the sides of the nose to refine it and the nose area
under the chin to thin it.

Second step, the key product

This is a very important step: Jessica uses a face spray, the Mist Setting Spray by Honest Beauty, the brand of which she is the founder, spraying it abundantly all over her face. This beauty water has the task of amalgamating the make-up layer in a homogeneous and fluid way. Not only that, since it is rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid, it has a moisturizing effect and is also a make-up fixer to make it long lasting. Other mists can also be fine, but they must have similar characteristics.

Third step, connect the dots

Well, this is the right time to indulge yourself. With the help of a brush, start from the lighter areas – concealer and foundation – to mix and blend them and gradually move on to the darker ones, first the blush and then, lastly, the bronzer. For the eyes it can also help with a smaller brush to be more precise.

Fourth step, the final touch

One last generous swipe of face mist and your face will be perfectly made up and natural with a single layer of product.

Think of the classic steps you usually take: foundation first, then concealer, then blush and
finally the bronzer for contouring. A layering that hardly holds up in the summer
hot. This is definitely the turning point.

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