Jessica Biel already cheated several times by Justin Timberlake? We take stock of the rumour

Justin Timberlake, has he already been unfaithful to Jessica Biel? Here is what we know.

You may not know it, but Justin Timberlake will have to pay Jessica if he deceives her because that’s part of the terms of their marriage contract. Recently accused of being unfaithful to his co-star Alisha Wainwright, the singer is now at the centre of the news. So much so that old rumours are resurfacing. According to some of them, the artist allegedly had some extra-marital affairs during her marriage to the actress and that is why they briefly separated in 2011. At the time, the magazine Us Weekly had announced that the interpreter of “Cry Me A River” had had with the actress Olivia Munn. Allegations quickly denied by the representative of the principal concerned.

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In 2013, Lindsay Lohan dropped a real bomb on Twitter. While nobody expected, the actress claimed that Justin Timberlake had cheated Jessica Biel. According to her, she had surprised the singer with another woman in a Los Angeles club. Words that apparently did not come from her since, according to her explanations, she had been hacked. As you will have understood, we can not say that the artist has never betrayed his companion. However, the couple seems extremely close and proud of his strong marriage. The proof that infidelity has never been committed? We can only hope. In the rest of the news, know that Kourtney Kardashian has reacted cash against a user who accuses him of being hypocritical.

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