Jessica Biel Asks Justin Timberlake To Conduct An Honesty Test After Circulating Rumors

Previously, Justin Reportedly Had An Affair With A Woman Named Alisha Wainwright Because It Was Found Holding Hands In A Bar In The New Orleans Area.

The topic of Justin Timberlake’s affair with a woman named Alisha Wainwright became a hot topic in various media. This is because Justin was found holding hands with Alisha when they visited a bar in the New Orleans area.

Previously, when the news of the closeness of Justin and Alisha circulated, several sources claiming that someone close to them denied and said that the moment they held their hands was only an ordinary friend. “There is nothing between the two,” said one source.

“They hang out with all the cast, crew, makeup artists, and everyone. They just work together. There is no validity for other rumours except that they are shooting together.”

Not only that, but one source also mentioned that the rumours between Justin and Alisha did not affect the actor’s relationship with his wife, Jessica Biel. “They ignored everything (the rumour) and tried to laugh at it as if it was nothing,” said the source. “He (Justin) drank too much and got carried away,” he added.

The singer of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” is said to love Jessica and her family too much, so she won’t let this rumour cause problem for their household.

“Their marriage will last. Justin feels guilty and will make it up,” the source added. “Jessica is very kind to him and he knows how lucky he is. Justin says it’s no big deal, they all hang out together and that’s the end of the story (rumours circulating).”

But now the latest report actually mentions that Jessica Biel actually does not believe in the claims of her husband who denied the affair. Jessica even asked her husband to do an honesty test.

“He went from being very surprised to being angry and demanding to know what was happening here,” a source told Radar Online. “(Jessica) believed in (Justin) in the past but this goes beyond his tolerance level. He even told Justin to do a lie detector test.”

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