Jessica Biel without makeup at 40 is the emblem of natural beauty

Go out home without makeupor share a photo of himself on social networks without make-up, as he did Jessica Biel recently, it should never be a problem for a woman, or create a stir, and – maybe – that’s what is starting to spread in this post-Covid era, when more and more women have discovered the freedom to wear little or no make-up at alland even to set foot outside the house without make-up, or to be seen without make-up by the whole world by sharing a selfie on a social network.

What may seem like a rather simple gesture is actually a great little female revenge, because it brings out the ability to self-determinationto free oneself from dogmas imposed by society and, very often, also by oneself.

If before the pandemic most women felt the need to wear complete make-up, often very covering even on the most casual occasions, it must be recognized that thanks to the time spent at home during the lockdownto the use of mask and at work meetings on Zoom, – during which they wore little or no makeup, and took much more care of their skin – these women seem to have grown a greater self-awareness and developed a greater love towards his own natural and authentic beautygoing to use makeup as a means of enhancing one’s personal characteristics, ‘defects’ included, or even not using it at all, and in any case not wearing it just to cover up.

We saw it at the recent Milan Fashion Week shows, where in many backstages – for example at Gucci and Missoni – a precise make-up or hairstyle was not imposed on all the models, but we started from their individual beauty to choose which look was best suited to them and their personality. A real revolution in support ofuniqueness and of plurality of beauty.

We have also witnessed a similar trend at the Haute Couture fashion shows, where the usual and expected perfection has given way to natural hair, which is also free to be frizzy.

And then we have seen it with numerous stars (even over 50), who are no longer afraid to show themselves as they are, from Salma Hayek to Jennifer Lopez. Looking at their make-up-free version doesn’t simply satisfy our curiosity, but allows us to get closer to their world, to get to know them a little better in some way. And also to feel more like us, because many celebs who show themselves without make-up are not afraid to show off wrinkles and dark circlesas every woman has them.

The last one to show no makeup was Jessica Bielwhich he recently accomplished 40 yearscelebrating her birthday with husband Justin Timberlake and their two children, who she showed on Instagram wishing her a happy birthday by hugging her.

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