Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway together in the thriller Mothers’ Instinct

The project promises to be very promising Mothers’ Instinct in production in the States under the signature of Studio Neon, which has linked its fame to the successes Parasite (2019) and Spencer (2021).
In the new production, which should begin shooting shortly, more precisely on May 25, two great stars of the Hollywood firmament were involved, Anne Hathaway And Jessica Chastainthe latter fresh from winning the Oscar for Tammy Faye’s eyes (The Eye of Tammy Faye). The director of the film, a psychological thriller, was entrusted to the Belgian Olivier Masset-Depasse who knows history well since he has already directed it in his homeland a few years ago.

Mothers’ Instinct: the remake of the Belgian thriller Double suspicion


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Masset-Depasse is known to the international cinema scene for the success of Duellesa 2018 film that won well in Belgium nine Magrittethe most prestigious sector award in the country, released in Italy in 2020 with the title Double Suspicion.
The new remake American, Mothers’ Instinctwill therefore once again be the adaptation of the novel unpublished in Italy Derrière la haine by Barbara Abel, a captivating story permeated by thriller and noir veins whose atmospheres seem to have been designed for a tense representation for the big screen. As in the European precedent, the film is set in the sixties and has two protagonists, Alice and Célineone blonde and the other brunette, who, at this point, will have the face of Chastain and Hathaway.

The two women, who live in a quiet reality made up of manicured lawns, tidy houses and perfect families, see their lives fall apart following a tragic accident that will upset every balance. The idyll will turn into a nightmare made of suspicion, paranoia and madness, as in the best noir tradition.

Hathaway and Chastain also involved in the production


Congratulations to Anne Hathaway on her 39th birthday. PHOTO

Among the news coming from the production of Mother’s Instinctreported in preview by Deadline, there is confirmation of the involvement of the pen of Sarah Conradt (who has already worked on the series 50 States of Fright) to the script which will be translated into English from the previous one. Anton, author of the story, financed the film entirely while both Hathaway and Chastain are involved in the dual roles of actresses and producers alongside Kelly Carmichael of Freckle Film. However, all the professionals involved are particularly enthusiastic about the involvement of Neon studioa guarantee of excellent production levels as well as unconventional and alternative cinematic visions compared to what is normally seen in the filmmaking circuit.

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