Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway want to redo Death makes you beautiful

It’s not a project, but a desire: Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway are fantasizing about a remake of Death Becomes Her. Not exactly a classic, but …

Who remembers Death makes you beautiful? It was not a great success and therefore the idea of ​​imagining one does not come naturally remakehowever, it seems Jessica Chastain And Anne Hathaway they are really fantasizing about us, as the first told in an interview with Parade. The original work was one of the minor works of that Robert Zemeckis
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Death makes you beautiful, the strange idea of ​​a remake

Not that the theme of Death makes you beautiful is not always topical. The film of Robert Zemeckis dates back to 1992, the first he made after the closing of his famous trilogy with Back to the future – Part III in 1990. Costing 55 million dollars, it grossed 145 million in the world, so it wasn’t technically a flop, but few liked the grotesque satirical parable about plastic surgery, in a fantastic key. They were protagonists Goldie Hawn And Meryl Streepin the role of two actresses vying for a man (Bruce Willis), plastic surgeon. Their rivalry degenerated when they discovered an elixir of eternal youth and eternal life, given to them by some sort of sorceress (Isabella Rossellini). Sentenced to never diethey hurt each other to the point of dragging bodies deformed and literally in piecesin a riot of non-trivial visual effects at the time, coordinated byIndustrial Light & Magic and from the technical experimentalism of Zemeckis. She was Jessica Chastain to reveal a dream in his and her drawer Anne Hathawaywho also worked with Zemeckis in Witches:

I was just talking to Annie about a remake! It would be fun redo Death makes you beautiful. I could play the part of Meryl Streep or Goldie Hawn. When it came out it was a big flop, people thought it was one garbage! But in my opinion it is a masterpiece.

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