Jessica Goicoechea speaks of his recovery after the assault of River Viiperi

When we met almost two months since it came to light that the model River Viiperi he was arrested for an assault on his girlfriend Jessica Goicoechea on the 27th of march, something that is revealed in premiere
The Avant-Garde
the life of the influencer has begun to return to normal.

He wanted to tell the real barcelona with its more than 1.2 million followers in Instagramin the last few weeks of silence, in which his lawyers have initiated a legal process against his now former spouse for abuse, has initiated a process of recovery of herself and her self-esteem with psychological help.

Jessica Goicoechea yRiver Viiperi at the Festival of Vitoria

Jessica Goicoechea yRiver Viiperi at the Festival of Vitoria
(Sergio R Moreno / GTRES)

Through their stories on the aforementioned social network, also a model Catalan, dubbed ‘Goico’ by his friends, has wished to respond to questions from his followers and take the opportunity to send a message direct to your now ex-boyfriend, confined in Finland by the coronavirus.

To the question, “What would you say to your ex?”, the influencer has answered it with a comb and a smile more of a challenge in the format of selfie, with which he has written, “only cowards need the lie to circumvent the reality #vistima”.

Jessica Goicoechea, devoting a comb to your ex-boyfriend River Viiperi after the beating

Jessica Goicoechea, devoting a comb to your ex-boyfriend River Viiperi after the beating

On his recovery, although he has not wished to enter into great details, the young man ensured that it has slowly begun to reeducate values and thoughts about herself that had been altered in recent years due to the relation with the model: “I am back to being the owner of my life and to love and value myself as I deserve.”

In addition to admit that it is not considered more feminist after what happened with Viiperi because “I always have been”, Jessica Goicoechea wanted to send a message to all those who may be in a relationship-toxic that do not know go out: “it Is normal that at the beginning scare you but the sooner you do this (get out of the relationship) better. You have to be brave and fight for our happiness”.

The model and entrepreneur Jessica Goicoechea

The model and entrepreneur Jessica Goicoechea

Finally, after ensuring that his could be found with their ‘I’ of two years ago, I would advise you not to trust “anyone”, the influencer has wanted to joke around with the fact of not having suffered loss of hair due to stress during your relationship with River Viiperi: “I do not understand is as I have not been bald since in these two years with so much disappointment”.

River Viiperi and Jessica Goicoechea Instagram

River Viiperi and Jessica Goicoechea Instagram

Just a few days ago was the model, also ex-boyfriend of Paris Hilton, who broke his silence weeks after their detention and deny outright the facts to fight with a user of the social networks that scolded him that it had ‘fled’ to Finland after what happened.

In addition to ensure so that none of the people that accuse him of assaulting her partner have “not the slightest idea about the subject” or what really happened between Goicoechea, and he, Viiperi took the occasion to insist that there emigrated to the native country of his mother to “flee from a person that I want to”.

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