Jessica Morlacchi: Remigi case, post on Instagram

Jessica Morlacchithe singer who is part of the regular cast of Today is another day, has broken the silence about the case Memo Remigi who saw her, in spite of herself, the protagonist.

The facts are known. The contract between Rai and Memo Remigi was terminated as the latter, during an episode of the program Rai 1 conducted by Serena Bortonetouched the backside of the singer, violating, with this behavior, the Ethical code of Rai.

The decision went back to the last October 22 and, in fact, Memo Remigi was no longer present in the program since the beginning of this week. However, the case only exploded yesterday, with a report by Strip the News and an article published on Dagospiaand media attention led Serena Bortone to one clarification with which he opened yesterday’s episode of his program (“As you may have noticed, since Monday Memo Remigi is no longer part of our work group. In this study, he was responsible for behavior that cannot be tolerated. In this program, in this company and, as far as I’m concerned, nowhere “).

Today, through their official Instagram profile, Jessica Morlacchi spoke in detail on the subject for the first time. The post published on social media also appears as a response to the statements that Memo Remigi made to La Zanzara and, before that, to Fanpage:

I live in a situation of such sorrow and discomfort that I have decided to break the silence and have my say on the consequences of that video that you have all seen and which is now subjecting me to media pressure that I do not wish on anyone. When Remigi slipped his hand on my lower back, I felt enormous discomfort but as you can see, the embarrassment did not stop me from reacting immediately and decisively.
We were live and I couldn’t help but slap and pull that hand up. Remigi now apologizes, only now. I’m happy that he does it, but while he apologizes, he insinuates that this gesture was just goliardia motivated by my condescension. It is unacceptable.
Remigi knows well that my natural confidence, after two years of working together, has never authorized him to reach out. Now, perhaps due to age, training and experience, he maintains that that gesture was just a joke: I hope that now he finally understands that it is an invasive and offensive behavior. Even at 84, you can learn from life’s mistakes. To everyone, please, now I ask for silence and I thank Rai for protecting and supporting me.

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