Jewels for the summer, from the belly chain to the earrings with fringes, the bohemian mood is back (also for the beach)

Bling bling, folks. Chains to show off at the waist, tiaras, earrings with fringes and glitter on the eyes: they are (some) of the jewels of the moment, especially those to show off to the sea. According to Stylight’s report, the two aesthetic references of recent months are the “Bling Princess” (see under Paris Hilton) but also the boho princess, the one who goes to the Burning man dressed up in pure bohemian style as in the regretted 2000s. Since it is not really advisable to go to the beach equipped as the Virgin of the country processions, we relegate the bling princess to winter memories and see which jewels are acceptable to wear on vacation.

“Kim Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe’s dress she wore at the Met Gala”, tears and broken crystals

The ethnic headdress

The summer one is definitely the beaded cap, the new scarf on the hair, version 2022. Exotic, almost Arabic, everyone is looking for it (+ 1,555% clicks on Stylight and + 137% searches on Google in the last 12 months), everyone wants it, everyone, or at least the most imaginative, will show it off, we anticipate, at aperitif time after a day at the beach.

The Belly Chain

Hello anklets, the accessory to show off for a swim in the sea is the chain that closes at the waist, a little belly dance a little Y2K. Google searches have increased by 61% in the last 12 months and, as he will retire in the fall, the time is now (as amply demonstrated by Camille Charrière, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber and Rihanna with a lot of baby bump).

Boho bracelet

The only acceptable bracelet on the beach besides those of wire (but be careful of the mark on the tan) is the cuff bracelet: the rigid bracelet, preferably brass-colored, in full bohemian style.

Earrings with fringes

Without fringes, however, we would be just a boho princess who did not make it: and in fact the clicks of the fringed earrings have increased by + 300% compared to 2021 to the delight of those who feel Kate Moss at the time of the relationship with Pete Doherty . Warning: only from 6pm onwards.

Eye Gems

The Euphoria mood, perhaps one of the series whose aesthetics most marked the past year, does not leave us even this summer and even the eyes, rather than makeup, are highlighted by small adhesive jewels. The Eye gems in fact, whose searches have risen by 75%. Only in the best clubs in Ibiza.

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