Jim Carrey would take the powers to hell

Everyone knows A week from Godfamous hit comedy starring Jim Carrey And Morgan Freeman in the role of the Almighty, but what about…Devil’s week?

It’s not quite the exact title, but in an interview with SyFy Wire, the film’s writers Steven Koren, Mark O’Keefe and Steve Oedekerk recalled the idea for a sequel they pitched to producer Michael Bostick: “Brucifer” (a play on words between Bruce, the name of the protagonist played by Jim Carrey, and Lucifer, or Lucifer, and which refers to the original title of the first film, Bruce Almighty).

Carrey’s manager and Jim wanted to make Brucifer“, recalled Koren. “So we came up with some ideas, but the more we worked on them, the more we realized that it wouldn’t work. It would have been another giant and very demanding film and I don’t think they really wanted to. But a lot of people loved it, including Jim.The writers explained that Bruce’s wife Grace, played by Jennifer Aniston, would die in the sequel, with Koren saying, “The premise was serious, but the film was still going to be a comedy. We certainly didn’t want to make a depressing film. I think that scared the studio a little bit, but to Jim’s credit, they totally understood that we were going to make a great comedy. Bruce allegedly used his satanic powers to bring Grace back to life, but we would have had a zombie Jennifer Aniston. The idea was Jim’s and it was brilliant: she comes back to life, but by mistake she is a zombie, only after that she would come back as beautiful as ever.”

The idea for Brucifer it was presented to the studio in 2010 but was rejected. At that time, theor studio had recently produced A feat from God (in 2007), which however did not do well at the box office.

And speaking of crazy ideas: do you know about Jim Carrey’s proposal for an Ace Ventura with Christopher Nolan?

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