Jimena Sánchez beats Yanet García with this photo in the jacuzzi on her back!

In Mexico, there is a battle of influencers that has enthusiastic followers. Jimena Sánchez and Yanet García are two presenters who have the best bodies in Central America.

Both are talented in their television programs for their ability to entertain and mental speed in front of the camera, but after Jimena’s last photo in the jacuzzi on her back, the discussion is another. It seems that we have a winner and it is fair that everyone sees the photo that accelerates hearts.

Jimena with the sensuality that does not leave her, used a jacuzzi to take the picture of the moment. She only needed the power of her rearguard and her gaze fixed on the horizon to overwhelm the competition.


In her defense, it should be mentioned that Yanet García also has measures that seem false in a good way, but this time there is no doubt about the winner. Of course, there is a right to reply, however, it is time to enjoy the victory in the networks for Jimena.

The versatile sports presenter seems to be outgoing because of its content and way of dressing, but in reality, it is the opposite. Do you want to know what the real Jimena hides?

Jimena Sánchez is shyer than Yanet García

In comparison, Jimena outside the recording studios is more withdrawn than Yanet, demonstrating that the exterior does not always indicate the feeling of a public personality.

Jimena Sánchez in an interview for TEN revealed a while ago her true personality, but some forgot: «People will not believe it, but I am a very sad person, I swear. I may not appear for the photos I upload to the networks, but I am. I am sad and afraid to leave. Sometimes I feel exposed, I prefer to be at home ». With or without shyness, its public impact is very important. Will there be revenge for Yanet García very soon?

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