Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes For Saying Beyoncé’s Name Wrong ‘For 20 Years’ Rolling Stone

Showrunner Jimmy Kimmel Admits He Always Mispronounced Beyoncé’s Name

The host Jimmy Kimmel apologized to Beyonce for getting the singer’s name wrong for “20 years.” When talking about the release of the recordrenaissancethe comedian made a sincere apology in his own talk show this Thursday, 16. (via NME)

“This will be the first album of Beyonce since 2016. And I feel like it’s a good time to talk about something that’s been bothering me,” began Kimmel when the name of Beyonce appeared on the screen. “I want everyone to look at this. The accent is at the end. It’s on the ‘e’. So it’s actually ‘Be-yon-cei’ not ‘Beyon-cê’.”

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Then the presenter made a reference to the hit Destiny Child, “Say My Name”: “I want to say to Be-yon-cei, that I’m sorry for yelling your name wrong for 20 years. I mean, you said, you told us ‘say my name, say my name,’ and we didn’t listen.”

Beyonce announces Renaissance

In a cryptic post on social media, Beyonce revealed release date and name of likely successor to lemonade (2016) this Thursday, 17. The singer had deleted all the profile pictures to announce the arrival of the new era.

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As determined by billboard, renaissance must have 16 tracks, as indicated by the function of saving music in advance in Apple Music. Act I (first act, in free translation) should arrive on July 29th.

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