JK Rowling talks about her absence from the special that celebrated the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter: I was asked to do it and I decided not to do it – 28/08/2022

08/28/2022 | 15:11

Opened the game! Author JK Rowling finally spoke about her absence in the special Harry Potter: Back to Hogwarts, which brought together the entire Harry Potter cast in celebration of the release of the first film in the Saga.

According to People magazine, the author spoke about the matter in her appearance on Virgin Radio, last Saturday, the 27th. Contrary to the information that she would not have been invited to the production, JK admitted that she did not want to be part of the special:

– I was invited to participate in this and decided that I didn’t want to do it, admitted the author to the presenter of the program.

But JK Rowling justified her decision, which drew a lot of attention on the day of the special’s premiere:

– I thought it was more about the movies than the books, quite rightly. That’s what the birthday was all about. Nobody said not to do it… I was asked to do it and I decided not to do it

It is worth mentioning that JK was involved in some controversies in 2020, when he published transphobic opinions on his Twitter account. After the controversial statements, the main trio of the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, spoke out against the author.


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