JLo and Shakira: ‘we Will do homage to latinos and our culture,’ at the end of Super Bowl

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira revealed this Thursday, 30 January 2020, the main concept of his historical presentation at half time of the edition 54 the Super Bowlthe end of the american football league in which they will seek to make clear ‘the important role‘play latino in the US, in difficult times for the community.

“Music and sports share the power to unify people and that is what we will seek to do in our show at the Super Bowl, “he said Lopez in the press conference about the show organized by the National Football league (NFL) and the company Pepsi-Cola, which is sponsoring this sporting event which is estimated will be seen by at least 100 million people.

“It is a very important time for honor the latino and remember the strength that we are in this country and in the world”, said for his part Shakira.

The artists underlined, also, that your ‘show’ will be a step closer to “redefine the concept of the age, the strength, the discipline and what it means to be a latina woman”.

“The two teams in the Superbowl are led by women. Two women, two latinas are in the middle time. That is already a message empoderamieto to all the girls that we are seeing,” added Lopez.

The organizers described the presentation of the artists as “the most energetic, colorful, and with more people on the stage of the history of the Super Bowl“, which this year reaches its edition number 54.

Words like ‘grateful’, ‘honest’, ‘historical’ and ‘pride’ came out regularly from the mouth of the artists during the conference that lasted about 45 minutes.

Jennifer Lopez it was particularly emotional when he recalled how his family watched the Super Bowl year after year when I was little. He broke his voice at the mention of his parents, who “do not fit the pride of seeing his daughter here”, he added.

Although refused to give details of the show, they defined it as ‘full of energy’, with ‘lots of dancing’ and a ‘Latin fiesta’.

It is known, for what they have shared on social networks, that the two will have their individual moments and then share the scenario.
Each one has been tested with their own dancers, with movements designed by the choreographers are different.

But Lopez and Shakira they insisted that their styles are “complementary,” and stressed that this was “a joint effort, which has required a lot of work to make something of such a scale”.

Evidently united in the message they want to send during the 12 minutes that will last for your presentation, Shakira and Lopez repeated messages of inspiration, about how the dreams are fulfilled, to always work hard.

To prove it, they spoke repeatedly about the places in which they were born and grew up: Barranquilla (Colombia) and The Bronx (New York).

Even so there were notable differences between them, JLo appeared with a narrow set of pants and bustier beige color, his golden hair smoothed and shiny, and your makeup impeccable.

Shakirafor his part, he was wearing his hair tousled, darker than usual, the face nearly natural, and he was dressed in a jean black, a t-shirt and ankle boots scraped.

It was clear that Lopez she was the artist of the house and joked and mingle with reporters and even succeeded in showing his now famous cup with bright nicknamed ‘the bling cup’.

Shakira he was more serious, he spoke slowly, and he recognized that I was nervous.

“Last night I slept at 4:00 in the morning probándome a pair of shorts and I started to cry because I would not be good,” he recounted to demonstrate how has been the process for her.

Although the end of american football, which this year is played the teams from american cities Kansas City and San Francisco, what is most expected by the fans of the sport, are the commercial and the ‘show’ half-time what more attention he receives at national and international level.

Among the artists that have participated in this space Super Bowl include Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Prince and Madonna.

The halftime show of this year is produced by NFL Network with Ricky Kirshner as an executive producer and Hamish Hamilton as director. Roc Nation will be a producer and strategic advisor of entertainment for the live presentation.

This is the first time that two latina women will be in charge of the show.

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