Joachim Brudziński: The votes of the voters on immigrants reached politicians in Europe

During the ongoing session of the European Parliament, Swiatłana Cichanouska called on Poland and Lithuania not to give way to Lukashenka. Law and Justice MEP Joachim Brudziński pointed out that even the leading German portals show the disappointment of our neighbors with the current migration policy and appreciation for the attitude of Poland. – The representatives of some factions in the EP also reach the votes of their voters – commented Brudziński in an interview with a reporter for in Strasbourg and assessed that from 2015 Warsaw was right about immigrants.

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– Lithuania and Poland are currently facing a security test – Belarusian oppositionist Swiatlana Cichanouska said on Wednesday in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. – I would like to ask Poland and Lithuania to stay strong in the face of the actions of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s regime, she added.

– This is a nice bow to the state that today protects not only Poland, but the entire European community – commented Joachim Brudziński after the debate in the European Parliament.

In an interview with the portal, he stressed that the Belarusian’s speech should be especially important for this reason “Naive and short-sighted perspective, as represented by the current majority in the European Parliament ”.

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– These are nice words, but what the representatives of the left heard is more important. Talking over and over and reassuring you about expressions of solidarity with Belarus are not worth much. Time for specifics! Ms Cichanouska clearly said that Alyaksandr Lukashenka counts only with the strong and those who will not talk about supporting the Belarusian opposition, they will not adopt resolutions condemning Lukashenka, but will apply sanctions – he said.

He admitted that the figure cited by Cichanouska and the information that there are currently more oppositionists in Belarusian prisons than MEPs in the European Parliament were touching.

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Brudziński strongly about Merkel’s attitude: Naive

Joachim Brudziński admitted that he had great appreciation for the actions taken by Cichanouska and Belarusian oppositionists who oppose the regime.

On the other hand, the outgoing, but still an important figure in European politics, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has a much greater influence on real politics than Ms Cichanouska’s speech at the EP forum. I do not know how many attempts to cover up unnecessary, from the point of view of European solidarity, dealings with Lukashenka over the heads of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are there. But the more Lukashenka becomes convinced that his actions are effective, the more he will escalate these actions, he assessed.

The MEP added that if anyone believed that thanks to bilateral talks with Lukashenka, he would change the situation in Belarus itself or on the eastern border of the EU, then he was “naive”. According to Brudziński, such talks behind the backs of Poland or Lithuania should not take place, because they only reinforce the Minsk dictator in the belief that he is allegedly an “important politician”.

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Brudziński noted that in this context, the letter of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, read by Professor Ryszard Legutko in the EP on Tuesday, was important. – One of the key seven points addressed to the Parliament by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki were the words “nothing about us without us”. We can win with Lukashenka as long as we are in solidarity, and there will be no attempts to outplay the member states or communicating with Lukashenka over our heads – He said.

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“Let them in, then he’ll find out who they are”

The PiS MP also referred to the EU debate on the Polish-Belarusian border and the fact that Poland was hardly criticized there.

As he assessed, it was influenced by the properly implemented migration policy of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, but also by the fact that “representatives of some factions in the EP reach the votes of their voters”.

– There is a definite difference between how the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border is described today in Strasbourg or Brussels and how it was described at the beginning of this crisis – he said. He added that the current “squeaking of the left” is nothing compared to the recent calling of Lukashenka’s action “a humanitarian crisis”, and not a “hybrid war”.

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– It was said: let them in, and later they will find out who they are – he reminded. He also referred to the beginning of the migration crisis, when Chancellor Angela Merkel was severely criticized since 2015 for opening the European Union to illegal migration.

– Now he is coming to Warsaw German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and complements the actions of the Polish government. It is enough to browse the portals of the most opinion-forming German newspapers to see how their readers comment on the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. They express their appreciation to the Polish government, policemen, army and the Border Guard. It is the same in other countries – says Brudziński.

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Brudziński: Nothing will convince the left-wing part of the EP

Commenting on the change in the EU narrative on migrants, Brudziński believes that the leaders of many countries have “received reflection”. – Of course, nothing can convince the most extreme leftist part of the European Parliament. The German SPD MEP demanded immediate sanctions against Poland and the initiation of the violation of the rule of law, because we are allegedly persecuting the innocent immigrants here, he said.

In an interview with the portal, the politician recalled, however, that Poland clearly communicated that “we will not consent to the creation of another illegal migration route – the so-called Central European route”.

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The change in the attitude of the inhabitants and citizens of such countries as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy is optimistic. What back in 2015 was enthusiastically received by Western public opinion, i.e. the assurance that Europe will be a place of happiness for illegal immigrants, suddenly it had certain effects, he said.

In his opinion, immigrants do not want to assimilate, and EU citizens who saw it completely changed their minds about them. According to Brudziński, it is good that although the government in Warsaw was criticized and Donald Tusk threatened us with sanctions, ultimately all countries are adopting a policy today that is in line with Poland’s strategy.

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