Joanna Koroniewska compares herself to Ariana Grande. She posted a video as proof

Joanna Koroniewska on Instagram

Joanna Koroniewska is one of the most active Polish stars on Instagram. He willingly shows the backstage of his work, elements of his private life and funny videos. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she and her husband also make the evenings of Poles “Domówka u Dowborów” pleasant. It gives her a lot of fun, and at the same time it is very popular with Internet users. Initially, they used social media together completely amateurishly, but with time they realized that it was the future of the media. Now they work on their own terms and create content that interests them.

– It turned out that among an adult audience there is clearly a lack of people who, in an unsweetened way, will represent such an ordinary “unusual” point of view of Poles – because, apart from our work, we lead a really down-to-earth life. Well, maybe a bit more crazy, but this is probably the key to success – said Joanna Koroniewska in an interview for the “Nowy Marketing” portal.

Joanna Koroniewska showed up without makeup.  The photo divided the fans

Joanna Koroniewska like Ariana Grande

The actress keeps surprising her observers. On Friday, July 30, she published a video on social media showing her in a yellow bodysuit singing and dancing to the hit song by Ariana Grande. She found she resembled her and she compared her photo to that of an American singer.

– I got up in the morning and had an epiphany. I am like Ariana Grande, dot to dot! I also have a husband and a similar hair color. And temperamentChickens. I will not think of anything more wise anymore. But I hope I made you feel better! For sure – Joanna Koroniewska wrote on Instagram.

Under this post, there were a lot of comments with laughing emoticons and those in which observers emphasized that not only the actress has a beautiful figure, but also a great sense of humor. They wrote: “What figure!”, “Come on, paint it out”, “You’re better”, or “Hey there, some Grande. This smile is unique only in Koroniewska’s”.

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