Joanna’s grandmother, Maria Opozda, will be expelled from PiS: She will rather be “out”

Not so long ago, our entire country was living with the return of the former prime minister to Poland. Now Donald Tusk he says goodbye to the items that helped him in his Brussels life, and one of them will go to charity.

The head of the Civic Platform announced that this year he would also support the loudest and most joyful Orchestra in Poland. The item that will be donated by the politician will be … electric scooter by 4swiss! We want to add that over a year ago, the PO representative posted a photo with a similar scooter on his Instagram account. In the description of the photo, he shared his distance to himself with the followers, and added that he definitely prefers a scooter to a company limousine.

I came back from Brussels so I thought it might be useful to someone here in Poland

The “Brussels limousine”, as Donald Tusk calls his scooter, is additionally enriched with an autograph, although, as the politician points out, the new owner will be able to blur the signature whenever he wishes. The lucky person who succeeds in bidding for an item may additionally expect a surprise. Donald Tusk promises that he will personally present the gadget to the new owner, and the discussion on the scooter manual will take place over an aromatic coffee.

Once upon a time we would have said “new, timid” because indeed – I had hardly started using it

The condition of the scooter is almost perfect due to the low mileage. You can watch this recently fashionable means of transport on the video posted by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. If you are interested in a coffee trip with the former Prime Minister of Poland and a conversation about scooters – and maybe not only? – you can take part in an auction that has just started. The current price for equipment from the 4swiss brand is over PLN 39,000 – and the auction is still ongoing!


We asked for a comment on this auction from the manufacturer of the scooter brand 4Swiss – the answer amazed us:

We were not aware of anything, and we are very pleased that our product was donated for such a good cause. The amount that the auction has already reached is impressive. It’s touching. There is nothing left for us to do but to declare that the winner of the auction will receive a second scooter – the latest model – as a gift! Please report to us after the auction!

We would like to remind you that in 2022 the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity will play for the thirtieth time, and although the years pass, the goal, as usual, is laudable. This time, Jurek Owsiak’s team will fight to improve the standards of diagnosis and treatment of eyesight in children. So let’s join forces and on January 30, let’s look for volunteers with colorful cans!

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