Joe Thomson Kovran stands out as Grenada hero as he saves his first ‘ball of the match’

He Coviran Granada saved my first match ball and prevailed in Seville betis basketball Thus LEB Oro was saved from relegation. The people of Granada, in a great last quarter, came back thanks to a great performance by Joe ThomsonIn such a situation, what leader did they need. A 85-91 Which means that Pablo Pin’s team, if they beat Joventut on the last day and the Sevilla guys lose to Real Madrid in Madrid, will gain stability in the region. endesa league,

Before the match in Seville, one thing was clear to the coaching staff. was is start right, not like the previous meetings in which the beginning was paid very dearly. and his players half listened to him as Volodymyr Gerun scored and Ndoy replied, a Partial 9-0 With BJ Johnson as the hero, Granada’s coach was forced to request a timeout three minutes into the game. Luis Casemiro’s men scored very easily and only the Senegalese center in attack provided the solution.


But after the skirmish was stopped came Koviran’s response. An 0-5 run with a triple included by Thomas Bropleh cut up the attacking rush. but went partial and more happened from 2-11, which slowed down the dynamics of the accident with a timing to the coach of the Sevillian team. 11-2 it’s a draw on 13 rebound mastery, which allows for runs to be made and when that happens, Pin’s men do well. The only handicap in the duration of this match was of course the loss.

The Red and Black were focused almost throughout the game and it prevented Betis from getting on the scoreboard

entrance to Jean MonteroGranada responded to the bench by replacing Dominican point guard Michael Caicedo, the ACB’s best young player this season. And the loanee from Barcelona did a great job on the brand. Led by Joe Thomson, what a pity he didn’t arrive sooner, Kovran has been in the game ever since, reaching the end first quarter two down (22-20,

second bedroom

The second period began with a leading role of two pieces from the second unit, Captain David Irriart And Jacobo Diazwho threw the team behind them and with a basket from the other, Rosingros got first time forward Twelve minutes were played in the game (25–26). A lot was at stake and the one who calmed the nerves best got away on the scoreboard itself. In the Sevillian side, Zombor Maronka took the baton in scoring but again BJ Johnson, who has many resources in attack, put his team up in electronics.

Every ball was fought like there was no tomorrow and in this case it was. In the exchange of baskets, Betis had the advantage, taking advantage of any minor errors by the Granada team, at short range. In fact, a partial 8-2 He threw a six to the Sevillians, again pinned to stop the bet. It was Thomson’s moment as he kept his team alive with five consecutive points. was the income that Rest (46-41) With the presence of Montero who was not comfortable in the game. It was necessary to improve the defense because in attack they 59% 2-point shooting percentage But again the losers avoided going into recession by winning ten to five of their opponent.

It remained to be seen how Kovirán would resume the match and in a flash with baskets from Tyson Perez and BJ Johnson, they returned to maximum margin (9 points). Renfro and May prevent the Hare and the Whites from leaving. And it was partial 12-4 after passing through the changing rooms. For each ‘stick’ received by the local, the red and black boxes reacted but couldn’t get close enough despite the foul problems in tall men that he had luis casimiro,

bass quintet

The two teams entered into a dynamic dynamic that did Kovran’s advantage to no avail. With Renfro physically ‘dead’, Thomson brought the four closer with a tray but red and black, which were in play again. Five ‘shorts’ with Mai as the center, they were not successful beyond 6.75, despite launching on several occasions. I was right that Tyson had to take down Betikos again, about ten points ahead. But Pin’s men responded again on defense and came within three points (67–64) with 46 seconds remaining to end the third quarter. Time again for the Betis coach from La Mancha. However Bropleh set up the tie with a triple in the final seconds.

The Red and Blacks come back in the final quarter with stellar Joe Thomson

Ten minutes of agony and emotion remained. And they couldn’t have started better, grabbing rebounds in attack that allowed Pere Tomas and Bropleh to score, reaching a maximum margin of four points. you had to seize the moment opponent’s suspicion And Bropleh threw seven over Koviran with a triple. 7:37 from the end after a partial from 1-17, The Granada fans could not believe it in San Pablo but it was real. Monteiro broke the set with a layup but with a quintet with Irriarte and Tomas on the court, the pin opted to defend. Bettis was not dead and having reduced the lead to three, Pin called for time after which he brought in May and Thomson. and one from Ohio as soon as he stepped on the field, scored a triple with another pere tomas From the corner launching the nine to Coviran while brushing the desired basket average,

Thomson Festival

With seven remaining, they reached the final two and a half minutes. Jean Montero cut the lead to four points with 2+1. Thomson became master of the ball and was unstoppable in dribbling. But Montero didn’t want to fall short and left the advantage at two. However, recently the sign said I’m here and mentioned that 4th out of 4 triple, With three up and 34 seconds to play, Thomason, a great player After turning one in and out with Montero at the top, he put his team up five. He used to scold her like he used to scold her when he was little in the neighborhood. There were 21 seconds left and the Sevillians were in possession. But rain did not allow them to score, giving Pin’s team a victory that should be well done on the final day at the Palacio de Deportes. Surely it will be hard to win and believe that Real Madrid will not be fooled. It won where it had to after fourteen straight defeats at home.

data sheet

85 – Real Betis Basketball (22+24+21+18): Pargo (6), Burtons (2), BJ Johnson (17), Tyson Perez (10), Gerun (10) – starting five -, Montero (19), Fischer (-), Baez (1), Maronka (8 ), Cvetkovic (8) and Pasecniks (4).

91 – Coviran Granada (20+21+26+24): Renfro (1), Thomson (28), Pere Tomas (8), Maye (12), Ndoye (10) – starting five-, Costa (2), Irriarte (4), Bropleh (20), Jacobo Diaz (4) ) , Caicedo (2) and Christian Diaz (-).

Ref: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Luis Miguel Castillo and Francisco Arana. None removed.

Events: The game of the thirty-third day of the regular stage of the Endesa League held at the San Pablo Municipal Sports Palace in front of 7,242 spectators.

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