Joel Datena confirms Neymar Jr. scandal: “In prison for 2 years”

The player will be tried for possible fraud in the transfer to Barcelona, ​​and a journalist confirmed that the Spanish justice wants his arrest

After Neymar Jr. get involved in a new scandal in the courts, this Wednesday (27), Joel Datena reproduced the news in Bora Brasil and confirmed the worst sentence for the ace, who can be imprisoned for two years, depending on your judgment.

For those who don’t know, the controversy has been going on for a long time and part of a Brazilian company, which claims that it held 40% of rights under the player at the time he left Santos for Barcelona and did not receive the correct percentage of the new contract.

In addition to Neymar Jr., his parents, two former Barcelona presidents and a Santos manager are also being prosecuted and will be involved in the trial, which will take place on October 17 and could exclude him from the Qatar World Cup.

At Bora Brasil, Joel Datena confirmed that he will be tried for fraud and corruption. “Brazilian investors claim to have received less than they should in this transaction [do Santos para o Barcelona]”, confirmed the journalist from the Band.

The public prosecutor wants the player to be imprisoned for 2 years and pay a fine of 10 million euros. The defense of the family and the other accused deny any irregularity in the transfer of Santos to Barcelona”, confirmed Lívia Nepomuceno.

Joel Datena at Bora Brasil - Photo: Reproduction

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Joel Datena at Bora Brasil - Photo: Reproduction

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Joel Datena confirms Neymar Jr.  in the Band and worse news: "Imprisoned for 2 years"
Joel Datena and Lívia Nepomuceno (Photo: Reproduction/Band)

For Joel Datena, disbursing the millionaire sum will be no problem for him. “Neymar is worried about paying 10 million, right?! I wish I had to pay 10 million with all that money he has. Of course, he’s going to get away with it,” said the commander of Bora Brasil.

Meanwhile, Lívia pointed out that the real headache is not the money, but the sentence in the courts: “You have to worry about not getting arrested”, concluded the Band journalist.

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