Joel Madden jokes that sister-in-law Cameron Diaz is his and twin Benji’s preferred emergency contact over Nicole Richie

Joel Madden He knows he has a devoted and supportive wife, Nicole Richie, but when it comes time to answer the phone in an emergency, it’s his sister-in-law, Cameron Diaz, who is the perfect one candidate.

The Good Charlotte singer has teamed up with simple life alumnus since 2010, while his twin brother and bandmate Benji Madden has charlie’s angels Actress since 2015.

The foursome are a close-knit group, often seen together at events or cozy double dates, and in the twins’ latest podcast episode, they hilariously explain why they all know Cameron will be a reliable option to help them out.

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Benjy and Joel were doing fellow celebrity siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson’s podcast Bro Bash – which specializes in interviews with famous siblings – when Kate asked what their immediate family would be like if they were hypothetically arrested. Who among relatives would be their first call.

after How to lose a guy in ten days The actress insisted they both only received one call and teased that she thought she knew who it was, with Joel claiming: “I’m telling you right now, it’s Cameron.”

Benji agreed, repeating: “Yes, my wife.” Kate said Cameron matched her guess “1,000 percent.”

Joel and Nicole were the ones who brought Benji and Cameron together

Joel then added that if she didn’t answer, his next call would be to “dear friend” and attorney John Rosenberg, prompting Oliver to then ask where his wife Nicole ranked on the emergency contact list .

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“Nicole is a great choice,” he admitted, before his twin brother added: “But she had her phone (with her) and it was already fifty-fifty.” Joel joked: “She’d probably be like, ‘Oh my gosh, that sounds like fun.'”

Benji and Cameron tied the knot in 2015

Still, he continued to defend her: “Don’t listen, the truth about Nicole is that she’s depressed,” Then explained: “If I called her – look, if she was the second one to call – I knew Cameron was going to rush in and get us out, even if she had to get us out.”

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He continued: “If I call Nicole and say, listen, this is serious and I need you to do this. She’s doing it. She’s very frustrated.”

Nicole and Joel have two children

Kate finally joked: “That’s because Cameron can rob a bank and drive a getaway car at the same time,“She’s definitely been trained to do this,” Benji added. “

After marrying in 2015, Benji and Cameron welcomed their first daughter, Raddix, in December 2019, although they kept her out of the public eye. Joel and Nicole began dating in 2006 and have two children together: daughter Harlow, 16, and son Sparrow, 14.

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